Young Living Essential Oils

young_living_logoWhen it comes to internet marketing products for ranking websites, MLM companies like Young Living Essential Oils are difficult.  Why?  First, these companies are really built around relationships.  Most people buy products that are sold by individuals from individuals they personally know.

Advocare is another one of those companies and they provide their distributors with a pre-designed website template.  Its sole purpose is to be a 24/7 place where their customers can purchase products.

Ranking websites that are built around a MLM is difficult but not impossible.  You have to come at the whole business from a new angle completely!

The best thing to do is to find a website that is NOT a template from the main company and plug the URL into Majestic SEO.  It’s best if you have a subscription so you can see all the backlinking that plays “some” part in their website ranking.  You can see a few backlinks by going over to the MOZ website, but they won’t let you see all of them without a subscription to their service.

So, here’s the technique… work backwards.  Normally you would start with on page content, but since these companies constrain their distributors to some extent, you will need to rely heavily on backlinking and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.)

Hope this helps!

Aweber Review

AWeber-ReviewEmail marketing is the life blood to any business that owns a website.  Having a program that is easy to manage, understand, flexible and affordable is what business owns look for. Aweber is the preferred choice of experienced email marketers.  It’s interface is designed to with the business owner and marketer in mind.  Although Aweber is one of the leaders in this particular industry, they still offer their $1 trail to test drive it.

After the trail it’s just around $19 per month to use this software.  And, if your subscriber list increases beyond this introductory rate, then the next level of costs are still very affordable.  Unlike other email marketing companies, Aweber won’t limit the use of its features based on how much you pay.  So many other companies, won’t let you have access to all the “bells and whistles” unless you pay their top price.  Not Aweber!  They let you have access to it all whether you are paying $75 or $19 a month.

If you are wondering if this product is even something you need.. it is!  If you are an internet marketer, business or someone who sells affiliate products then you NEED Aweber. And, like I said earlier, email marketing is really the life blood of a website.

You must have a way for folks to reach out and let you know “Hey!  I want to stay in touch and I want you to email me when _______________.”  How about that?  With email marketing you can communicate directly to your customers, send them coupons, updates and build a relationship with them.  What business wouldn’t want that!

So although there are other email marketing companies out there, Aweber is still the one I have found to work easily, effectively and fits my budget.  I have stopped trying other programs as they are just too restrictive  and costly when I need access to a variety of features.




Easily Analyze Your New Website for Free

Every business owner needs to have their website analyzed once it is up and running.  It’s amazing how many things owners can miss during the building of their own webwebsite checkersite that matter greatly to ranking in the search engines.  Fortunately, they can easily have a website analysis done for free.

For instance, this Houston internet marketing company will analyze it and instantly give you the report for free.

Another resource is from a site called Seo Site Checkup.

Personally, I would ask for a report from both places and compare the findings.  This way you won’t miss something.

And, finally if all the technical lingo goes over your head… visit and find someone who will run a website analysis and explain what needs fixing in easy to follow language.


Content Curation Hero Review – Is it worth the money?

content curation heroIf you are an Internet Marketer than you are always looking for ways to streamline tasks. And, since we know that social media can play a huge part in rankings, then it is no wonder that the new Curation Hero WP plugin caught our eye.  Does it work?  How does it work? And how many stars do we give it?


Curation Hero grabbed our attention because of its ability to bring content to your screen… and current, trending content at that!


Check out our video review below: