The Art of Brick and Stone

What is masonry? Basically it is work done using stone, brick, or concrete.  A different definition can be found at the Merriam-Webster website.

What I really want to highlight here is the beauty of using stone to create art, feelings and style. So many times we thing of stone when constructing homes and buildings. But, brick and stone is so much more. And people realize this when it comes time to make a selection. The light dawns on them that stone is permanent, hard to move and therefore needs to be an important decision as it is something you will look at for many years. So, what does it communicate to you?

Take for instance, this image on the left. How does it make you feel?  It has several neutral colors, but with orange splash among the neutrals.  Does that annoy you or excite you? I don’t think people give these things much thought, but they do say something about the structure it surrounds. In my opinion the orange bricks bring an extra burst of personality to other wise dull muted grey brick pattern that would be easily passed over with the eye. This is an artistic approach that really pops! You can accomplish the same idea by using a different color, but orange stone is probably the best choice when it comes to this style of brick and wall pattern.

Let’s take a stone pattern in the ground next. This particular example is a bit unusual, but it is so calming to look at that I wanted to put it here. Stepping stones usually take someone someplace. They take you to a location, on a journey. Kids naturally gravitate to stepping stones as they are fun to jump from one to the next. Of course, this one looks a bit scary as you don’t know how deep the water is. 🙂 Just enjoy this picture and the beauty of these smooth stones. You can’t help but feel magical yet nervous at the same time.

Most stepping stones are designed to help guide someone through an area where nature is trying to be preserved as much as possible.  This is so the beauty of the area can be kept undisturbed. Stones that are from the area are best. It would look awful if someone went and bought perfect squares from Home Depot.

Again, stones and bricks are really pieces of art just as much as practical but rarely do people think of them that way until the project begins. It should be the other way around.

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