The Art of Wood

Last week we talked about stone and brick. Now lets talk about wood!

Wood is soft yet hard depending on the type. Types of wood that can be cut and shaped and constructed in to buildings, sculptures or just about anything are:

  • pine
  • oak
  • maple
  • pecan
  • ash
  • mahogany
  • cherry
  • beech
  • birch
  • bamboo
  • walnut

… just to name a few.

Birds eye maple is one of the prettiest woods to work with and great for making desks. The beautiful pattern is mesmerizing and a wood makers enjoy working with it.  Wood is such a surprise as you never know what the natural pattern will be until you slice into the tree. Tree companies such as this one sometimes get phone calls from crafters asking for left over trees they have removed in hopes of getting some unique pieces. May tree removal companies will gladly just give it away.

If you are one of those people that like to work with wood, contact  a local tree service company and see if they will keep a piece of oak or pine for your  next project free of charge.

When people think of wood flooring they think of cherry or walnut, but ash wood flooring is a nice neutral and very beautiful in design. Again, so many people pass up this particular wood! The ash tree is native eastern and central northern America areas and there are 45-65 types of ash trees around the world.  Ash trees are great because they can grow in both cool and warm climates. Awesome!

Now, lets think outside the box and look at something unusual. Wood can be shaped and grow in strange ways. You just have to keep your eyes open and you’ll find trees that have grown strangely. Check out this sofa wood.  Pretty strange huh?

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